This guide will help you getting started with the InCore Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) and developing, running and debugging your first application with the Qt Creator IDE. If your development environment is already set up, you can continue with the InCore tutorials.

The InCore Framework offers ready-to-use high-level software blocks (“objects”) for building IoT/IIoT applications quickly. InCore Applications configure and link InCore objects based on a declarative JSON-based syntax using the Qt Modeling Language (QML). Custom operations and processes can be implemented in JavaScript functions easily.

Before you can start developing apps for the HUB-GM100 you need to ensure to have installed all necessary software components of the toolchain, and the connection between your PC and the gateway is configured properly. Therefore please study the InCore Install Guide and ensure to complete all the described steps.

Please also refer to the in.hub website and the HUB-GM100 product site for additional information and help.