Before starting with this guide, please prepare a SIINEOS-based device such as a HUB-GM100 for first use. All required steps are described in chapter Preparing for first use in the SIINEOS Manual.

This guide will help you getting the InCore Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) and additional prerequisite tools installed and set up. Once completed, you can start developing your first application with the Qt Creator IDE.

The InCore Framework is a collection of software blocks allowing you to build complex IoT and IIoT applications quickly. If you have worked with the InCore SDK and Qt Creator before, you are probably familiar with the required software toolset. In this case, this guide will mostly provide reference information. If this is your first contact with the HUB-GM100 IoT-Gateway, this guide will help you set up your development toolchain.

After following the steps mentioned in this guide please continue reading the InCore Development Manual to get started with application development for the HUB-GM100. Please also refer to the in.hub website and the HUB-GM100 product site for additional information and help.